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Costa Rica is one of the most bio diverse regions on earth….



Back in December last year my wife and I spent two weeks in Costa Rica.  We had been planning to go there for some time and were really excited to finally arrive.  What an amazing place – we had such a fantastic time.  All of the people we met were really friendly and we saw some great wildlife.  It was an experience we’ll never forget.

When we returned I sorted out my best photos and created a gallery on my website so that I could share some of what we experienced. You can see them here – just click on the link  However, for some time I’ve been meaning to create a slideshow which is a little more illustrative of the variety of habitats we experienced.

Costa Rica is a relatively small country but it is blessed with an astonishingly varied range of  habitats.  It is one of the most bio diverse regions on earth.  A high chain of volcanoes runs down the spine of the country which separates the north eastern Caribbean side from the south western Pacific side.  There are primary rain forests on the low land areas on the Caribbean side, cloud forests and volcanic, mountainous regions along the centre of the country and secondary rain forest along the pacific side.

Costa Rica is possibly one of the most forward-looking countries with respect to bio-diversity and habitat preservation.  The whole country is focused towards environment protection and actively supports Eco-tourism.  My slideshow shows some of the wildlife and habitats we experienced in the areas we visited.  Our short holiday only afforded us a brief glimpse of the country and I feel we only saw a fraction of the amazing wildlife of the country.  However, I think the slideshow captures some of our amazing experience and hope you enjoy it.


I’m back

I went away on holiday to Costa Rica and never got the blog going again – time to restart.

Somehow I let my blog lapse.  This wasn’t because I had lost interest in wildlife or photography.  It was because I went away on holiday to Costa Rica in December 2016 and I never picked the blog back up again.  I guess to start with, I spent most of my spare time editing the huge number of photos I came back with, and then never got the blog going again.  So now I’ll restart posting.

Costa Rica is an amazing country with fantastic wildlife, wonderful people and a world-leading approach to habitat preservation and restoration and Eco-tourism.  If you ever get the chance to travel there, you will not be disappointed.

I have too many photos from Costa Rica to post on this blog but here are a few for you to get a feel of the amazing wildlife and environment in that fantastic country.  If you’d like to see more of my Costa Rica photos please check out the Costa Rica gallery on my website.

Crowned Woodnymph
Emerald Woodnymph
Arenal Volcano
Arenal Volcano
Brown-throated three-toed sloth (Bradypus tridactylus)
Brown-throated three-toed sloth