Interesting Fox behaviour

..the fox knew there was a badger close by..


This was some interesting behaviour shown by a Fox which I caught on my camera trap.  It is captured in infrared on a very dark night.  Clearly, the Fox knew there was a Badger close by and did not want to risk revealing it’s presence.  It waited patiently for the Badger to pass by before moving on.

Inquisitive Roe Deer

An inquisitive roe deer checks out the camera.

My garden is bordered by woodland and we’re often visited by some wonderful wildlife.  I have a wildlife camera trap set up to see what visitors we get when there’s no one around.  Here’s an inquisitive Roe Deer.  She can see the camera and maybe she has also picked up my scent.

An introduction

Walking on the South Devon Coastal Footpath

Welcome to the Sensorman Photo Blog.  I created this site to talk about my recent wildlife encounters and to show some of my latest photographs.

Last week I spent a few days in the South Hams region of Devon.  Whilst walking on the coastal footpath, I came across this beautiful adult Yellowhammer sitting on a barbed wire fence.


South Devon Coastal Footpath