An Experiment

We put out some bait to see what wildlife would be visiting…


A couple of months ago my son and I thought we’d try an experiment to find out a little more about the wildlife visiting our garden.  So rather than put it in the recycling as we normally would, we used the chicken carcass from our Sunday roast to bait the area directly in front of my wildlife camera.  The experiment proved to be a great success.

First on the scene was a crow.  It made off with a big chunk of meat and came back a few more times before the light faded.

When it was fully dark, the next on the scene was a fully-grown dog fox.  It was very cautious and took its time to check out this unexpected windfall before finally taking the plunge and grabbing the prize.

We thought that would have been the end of the action now that the chicken carcass had been taken.  But we were wrong.  Amazingly, our old friend Limpy, the female fox with an injured foreleg turned up and checked out the spot where the food had been.  We had not seen her for around 10 months.  She had survived the winter and looked in really great condition.  In fact she looked like she had been suckling young.  That would be fantastic if she had succeeded in raising a family.

We left the camera out for the next few weeks checking it for recordings every week or so.  After another month we were excited to see a young fox cub foraging in front of the camera.  Could this have been one of Limpy’s cubs?  Actually, there’s a very good chance that it is one of Limpy’s offspring.  This is because foxes are very territorial and with the previous recordings showing the visits of the dog fox and Limpy occurring within a few minutes of each other, this probably means that they are a pair and the cub is theirs!